Getting Started

Configure a default datasource in your CFML engine

You can do this any way you'd like: through the web admin, in Application.cfc, or using cfconfig.

Make sure to set this.datasource in your Application.cfc so Quick knows which datasource to use.

Add a mapping for quick in your Application.cfc

For a default installation in a ColdBox template, the following line will do the trick.

this.mappings[ "/quick" ] = COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH & "/modules/quick";

Configure your defaultGrammar in config/ColdBox.cfc

Quick will auto discover your grammar by default on startup. To avoid this check, set a BaseGrammar.

BaseGrammar is a module setting for Quick. Set it in your config/ColdBox.cfc like so:

moduleSettings = {
    quick = {
        defaultGrammar = "MySQLGrammar"

Valid options are any of the qb supported grammars. At the time of writing valid grammar options are: MySQLGrammar, PostgresGrammar, MSSQLGrammar and OracleGrammar. Please check the qb docs for additional options.

If you want to use a different datasource and/or grammar for individual entitities you can do so by adding some metadata attributes to your entities.

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