Custom Getters & Setters

Sometimes you want to use a different value in your code than is stored in your database. Perhaps you want to enforce that setting a password always is hashed with BCrypt. Maybe you have a Date value object that you want wrapping each of your dates. You can accomplish this using custom getters and setters.

A custom getter or setter is simply a function in your entity.

To retrieve the attribute value fetched from the database, call retrieveAttribute passing in the name of the attribute.

To set an attribute for saving to the database, call assignAttribute passing in the name and the value.

component extends="quick.models.BaseEntity" accessors="true" {

    property name="bcrypt" inject="@BCrypt";

    function setPassword( value ) {
        return assignAttribute( "password", bcrypt.hashPassword( value ) );

    function getCreatedDate( value ) {
        return dateFormat( retrieveAttribute( "createdDate" ), "DD MMM YYYY" );


Custom getters and setters with not be called when hydrating a model from the database. For that use case, use casts.

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