Collections are what are returned when calling get or all on an entity. By default, it returns an array. Every entity can override its newCollection method and return a custom collection. This method accepts an array of entities and should return your custom collection.

QuickCollection is a custom collection included in Quick as an extra component. It is a specialized version of CFCollection. It smooths over the various CFML engines to provide an extendible, reliable array wrapper with functional programming methods. You may be familiar with methods like map (ArrayMap), filter (ArrayFilter), or reduce (ArrayReduce). These methods work in every CFML engine with CFCollection.

To use collections you need to install cfcollection and configure it as your as your newCollection.

Here's how you would configure an entity to return a QuickCollection.

component name="User" {

    function newCollection( array entities = [] ) {
        return variables._wirebox.getInstance(
            name = "quick.extras.QuickCollection",
            initArguments = {
                "collection" = arguments.entities


Collections are more powerful than plain arrays. There are many methods that can make your work easier. For instance, let's say you needed to group each active user by the first letter of their username in a list.

var users = getInstance("User").all();

    .filter(function(user) {
        return user.getActive();
    .groupBy(function(username) {
        return left(username, 1);

So powerful! We think you'll love it.


Additionally, QuickCollection includes a load method. load lets you eager load a relationship after executing the initial query.

var posts = getInstance("Post").all();

if (someCondition) {

This is the same as if you had initially executed:



QuickCollection includes a $renderData method that lets you return a QuickCollection directly from your handler and translates the results and the entities within to a serialized version. Check out more about it in the Serialization chapter.

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