What's New?


  • Compatibility updates for ColdBox 6




  • Account for null values in fill.

  • Swap structAppend order for a Lucee bug in mementifier integration.



Please see the Upgrade Guide for more information on these changes.

  • Drop support for Lucee 4.5 and Adobe ColdFusion 11.

  • Virtual Inheritance (using a quick annotation instead of extending quick.models.BaseEntity) has been removed. It was hardly used, and removing it allows us to simplify some of the code paths.

  • accessors="true" is now required on every entity. This is similar to above where requiring it allows us to simplify the codebase immensely. A helpful error message will be thrown if accessors="true" is not present on your entity.

  • The defaultGrammar mapping needs to be the full WireBox mapping, including the @qb, if needed.

    • For instance, MSSQLGrammar would become MSSQLGrammar@qb.

    • This will allow for other grammars to be more easily contributed via third party modules.

  • HasManyThrough relationships now only accept a relationships parameter of relationship methods to walk to get to the intended entity.

  • Attributes using casts="boolean" need to be updated to casts="BooleanCast@quick".

  • Some method and parameter names have been changed to support composite keys. The majority of changes will only affect you if you have extended base Quick components. The full list can be found in the Upgrade Guide.

Other Changes



  • Apply custom setters when hydrating from the database. (Reverted in 2.5.3 for unintended consequences with things like password hashing.)

  • Query scopes can return any value. This allows you to use scopes to perform query functions and return values. (If you do not want to return a custom value, return the QueryBuilder instance or nothing.)

  • Improve error messages for not loaded entities.

  • Return the correct memento with accessors on.




  • Mapping foreign keys for relationships is now optional

  • Either entities or primary key values can be passed to relationship persistance methods

  • Relationships can also be saved by calling "set" & relationshipName

  • Virtual Inheritance works on ColdBox 5.2+

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