Getting Started

qb is the engine that powers Quick. It is highly recommended that you become familiar with the qb documentation.

Configure a default datasource in your CFML engine

You can do this any way you'd like: through the web admin, in Application.cfc, or using cfconfig.

Make sure to set this.datasource in your Application.cfc so Quick knows which datasource to use.

Quick can use multiple datasources, but it makes it easier to use when you don't have to deal with that.

Download Quick

The easiest way to download Quick is to use ForgeBox with CommandBox. Just run the following from the root of your application:

box install quick

Add a mapping for quick in your Application.cfc

For a default installation in a ColdBox template, the following line will do the trick.

this.mappings[ "/quick" ] = COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH & "/modules/quick";

Configure your defaultGrammar in config/ColdBox.cfc

Quick will auto discover your grammar by default on startup. To avoid this check, set a BaseGrammar.

defaultGrammar is a module setting for Quick. Set it in your config/ColdBox.cfc like so:

moduleSettings = {
    quick = {
        defaultGrammar = "MySQLGrammar@qb"

Valid options are any of the qb supported grammars. At the time of writing valid grammar options are: MySQLGrammar@qb, PostgresGrammar@qb, SqlServerGrammar@qb and OracleGrammar@qb. You can also have qb discover your grammar on application init using AutoDiscover@qb. Please check the qb docs for additional options.

If you want to use a different datasource and/or grammar for individual entitities you can do so by adding some metadata attributes to your entities.

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