Updating Existing Entities


Updates are handled identically to inserts when using the save method. The only difference is that instead of starting with a new entity, we start with an existing entity.

var user = getInstance( "User" ).find( 1 );
user.setPassword( "newpassword" );


You can update multiple fields at once using the update method. This is similar to the create method for creating new entities.

var user = getInstance( "User" ).find( 1 );
user.update( {
   email = "janedoe2@example.com",
   password = "newpassword"
} );

There is no need to call save when using the update method.


Updates can be performed against any number of entities that match a given query.

getInstance( "User" )
    .where( "lastLoggedIn", ">", dateAdd( "m", 3, now() ) )
    .updateAll( {
        "active" = 0
    } );

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